Natty /ˈnadē/ adj.

Definition: The word natty originally started out as slang terminology. Today, we use it to describe a person’s style of clothing or dress. When they say someone is natty in their appearance, they are saying the person is well-dressed.

Natty people dress stylishly. Their fashions often appear to be trendy to outside observers. Natty is a positive description of a person’s outfit or clothing. To say someone is natty is complimenting their style of dress. In Jamaica, they use the term knotty with the original meaning.

Etymology: The first recorded use of the word natty was recorded in English around 1785. They originally used it as slang to describe a person wearing the latest fashions or “snappy dressers.” The term is believed to have come from netty or net, which meant neat and clean in the late 17th to early 18 centuries. The word is still in the United States and Jamaica.

In a Sentence

Maria wore a natty dress to the Zoom meeting on Thursday!

The natty blue suit in the department store window caught my eye.

She wore that natty outfit to highlight the latest boho fashions.


Sharp, Trendy


Disheveled, Sloppy