Today’s animal is the beautiful Griffonshire, a mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Brussels Griffon. g Because Yorkies and Brussels Griffons are both toy breeds, it’s not hard to believe that Griffonshires are equally small—weighing between 8-10 pounds and standing no more than 10 inches high. 

Here are some fun facts about Griffonshires. 


  • The Griffonshire breed can either have long and silky straight hair like the Yorkshire Terrier or a rough and wiry coat like the Brussels Griffon.


  • You should socialize your Griffonshire from when it is young to be friendly with children and other pets.
  • Still, you should not leave this breed alone with little hands because of their small size. 
  • You may also have to have a little more patience when training these notoriously stubborn dogs.


  • Since its parent breeds both need a lot of maintenance, your Griffonshire also requires quite a bit of grooming.
  • Daily brushing with a metal comb and pin brush is important if your Griffonshire has long, silky hair.
  • You may need to brush your Griffonshire with a pin brush a few times a week if it has a wiry coat.
  • A deshedder or dematter may be required with some coats. Some need grooming with a clipper once every few months for their coats to be manageable.
  • Clean your Griffonshire’s ears once every week and trim its nails when required.