Today’s animal is the Keeshond, an old dog breed that has been a family companion and watchdog for centuries. Keeshonds were especially prominent on the boats that traveled the rivers and canals of Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Breed History

The name Keeshond comes from a long-time resident and leader of Holland who, in the 18th century, became the symbol of the Patriot Party. His name was Kees De Gyselaar, thus, “Kees hund.”

Most Keeshond lived with their masters on the farms and barges as they were relied on to control the population of vermin in the farms aside from offering companionship. However, today this breed is almost completely a companion dog.

Keeshond Temperament:

  • Keeshonds are great people-lovers ready to take part in family activities. They easily thrive with people who expect much from their dogs. 
  • This breed of dog is intelligent, alert, and very lively, a few qualities that earned them status as the most cherished dog in all of Holland. 
  • Keeshonds are also adaptable hence can make perfect apartment pets.
  • Keeshonds are naturally alert and require no special training to act as watchdogs.
  •  They rarely bite and are very friendly to both humans and other pets. 
  • Their demand for affection is high, and they fancy being included with the family rather than being left on their own.


  • The Keeshond is double-coated, consisting of a wooly undercoat and a longer guard coat.
  • Keeshonds shed their undercoats completely twice every year.
  • The shedding period is usually intense and lasts up to three weeks.