A small city in Newton County, Covington is a charming Southern town that offers a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of outdoor activities. There’s something for everyone in Covington, from fishing and hiking to biking and golfing. It is easy to see why Covington is the gem in the South. The city has undergone a major revitalization project that has transformed it into an oasis of culture, beauty, and fun. Covington is located 35 miles east of Atlanta, making it an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Covington is home to various businesses and cultural attractions, including the Georgia Pecan Festival, the Covington Farmers Market, and the Southern Art Gallery. Other places of interest include Covington Square, the Newton County Courthouse, and the Covington Golf Club.

Covington also offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The city is bisected by the Silver Comet Trail, which provides ample opportunities for biking and hiking. The trail passes through beautiful locales such as East Point, Smyrna, Mavell Road Park in Powder Springs, Big Creek Greenway near Vinings/Smyrna area off South Cobb Drive (connects to the south trailhead of South Cobb Drive), and Wild Horse Creek Park in Powder Springs.

Covington Facts:

  • It has a population of about 13,000.
  • Covington was originally a part of the Creek Indian Nation.
  • The town was incorporated as Covington in 1822.
  • The city is named after General Leonard Covington.

Covington is a wonderful place to work, play, and raise your little ones.  With its friendly people, beautiful scenery, and an array of recreational opportunities, Covington is a must-see for anyone visiting the South.