Today’s spot of the day is Berlin, the capital city of Germany. 


  • Situated in a glacial valley in the northeastern area of Germany, Berlin is surrounded by lakes and forests, with the Spree River running through the center of the city.
  • Berlin suffered significant damage during World War II and was divided for many years afterward by the Berlin Wall. However, Berlin is now once again a growing and thriving city.

Notable Landmarks

  • The Reichstag Building is one of the most impressive sites for visitors. This building was the seat of German governance for many years, despite fires and bombings which almost destroyed it. It has been restored to its original appearance and offers amazing views of the surrounding city.
  • Brandenburg Gate is known in Germany as the “Gate to the World” and is a national symbol of German unity. The classical styling of the gate’s columns, carvings, and statue leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits. Over the years, many German soldiers left to fight by passing through this gate, but today it serves to welcome visitors.
  • The Berlin Wall is not an attractive sight, but it is a marker with great historical significance. For many years it served as a strong visible reminder of the ideological battle between Western and Soviet nations. However, today the broken wall is covered with the works of street artists and instead reminds everyone that no barrier can stand against human progress for long.

Berlin is home to many more beautiful and historical sights. Plan a visit today to take them all in!