Sozzled /ˈsäzəld / adj.

Definition: Sozzled refers to a person who is drunk, very drunk, or intoxicated.

Etymology: Long, a mainstay of British slang, sozzled first appeared in the late eighteenth century. It was potentially derived from the verb sossle, defined as to make a mess with liquids, to slop, or to intermingle in a confused heap. 

Sozzled’s place in the British lexicon may be in jeopardy. In a recent research study by the Prospectus Global Research Agency, as many as 40% of 18 to 30-year-olds showed they had never heard of sozzled, much less used it, leading the agency to speculate that sozzled is quickly becoming an antiquated term that could become extinct within a generation.

In a Sentence

Every night she comes home confused, disoriented, and sozzled.

If given a choice between a quiet evening at home or getting sozzled with friends, he’ll choose sozzled every time.

John paid a fortune for concert tickets and got sozzled, passed out, and missed the entire show.

I’ve been told we may find Finnegan sozzled at the pub.


Besotted, Loaded, Sloshed


Sober, Straight