Waesucks / wey-suhk / interjection

Definition: Waesucks is an interjection used to express pity or grief.

Waesucks can be used in many scenarios, for instance, when referring to an unfortunate happening or an incident that denotes regret. A person can also use the word to express their pity or sympathy for someone.

Etymology: “Waesucks” has a Scottish origin. It was created by combining the word wae ( a middle English word for woe) and sucks (an alteration of the English word sakes). The word was first used in 1774.

Scots wae woe (from Middle English wa) + sucks, alteration of English sakes.

Although Waesucks exists in both American and British English, the word is rarely used. Waesucks was first recorded in the period 1765–75. Other words that entered English at around the same time include bilateral, bonus, civilization, guidance, statement.

In a Sentence

Waesucks! Her mother passed away before she got the chance to see her for the last time.

Waesucks! John failed his examinations despite the hard work.

Waesucks! He recorded a huge flop in the polls when everybody thought he was the best candidate.


Sadly, Unfortunately, Regrettably


Felicitously, Happily, Fortunately, Thankfully