The Welsh Corgi is a small dog originally bred for herding in Wales, made famous by HRH Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who has owned over 30 of the Pembrokeshire sub-breed. The other, less popular breed is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

As herders, they were bred to herd cattle and would nip at the animals’ heels to keep them on the move. Their name is derived from the Welsh for ‘dwarf dog,’ and they are thought to have been in the area for at least a thousand years, although the overall appearance of the breed may have changed a little over that time.

Welsh Corgis As Pets

Corgis make excellent pets, as they are generally fun-loving, happy dogs. Unfortunately, due to their breeding as herders may occasionally nip at the heels of small children, but training and socialization can help with this. As they are usually willing to please, training is not difficult.

As a breed that was originally a working dog, they require a lot of exercise, although they are susceptible to hip problems, which may affect how they are exercised. Usually, one hour of walking each day will suffice.

Fun Facts

  • The older of the two breeds is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
  • The kennel club put the two breeds together until 1925, when the two distinct varieties were recognized.
  • According to Welsh legend, Corgis are an enchanted breed ridden by elves.