Kolding is a small town but full of cultural and scenic views. The seaport is full of industrial activities from manufacturing, transportation to tourism. If you are looking for a place to refresh your mood, visit Mokka Café.

Here are the top things to do in Kolding.

1. Culture Capital Tour

Immerse yourself in Danish art and culture from an artist cum tour guide. The colorful rooftop offers you a spectacular view of the AroS museum. Laugh out loud at the humorous stories of real Denmark. The Aarhus Art scene will teach you about cultural diversity.

2. Travel to Funen Village

Breathe pure air every day at this village situated in an old complex building. The ponds around have ducks which anyone can feed freely as the cattle’s graze leisurely. Enjoy the beautiful farm amidst blue sky and white clouds.

Full-time actors sit inside those houses centuries later.

3. Nicolai for Children

Kolding has a heart for the kids, as shown in the Nicolai for children. Be ready to activate your inner child in four different universes. You’re encouraged to be hungry for games, be creative, and ready to have fun.

Choose either rope climbing or jump from one island to another without touching the ground.

4. Koldinghus

Koldinghus is one of the ancient royal castles. The 1808 fire left the castle in ruins. Later the castle was reconstructed. It hosts cultural activities and exhibitions.

Kolding has what you need ranging from:

  • Legeparken: Adult and kids recreation center.
  • Geographical Garden: Plants are organized in geographical order.
  • Marielundssøen: Good spot for walking or biking.

Plan to experience the Kolding charm.