Known for its historical architecture, the city of Vicenza belongs to the Province of the same name. Vicenza is a medium-sized town in the northeastern corner of Italy that attracts tourists from around the world.

Famous Architecture

People love to visit this 16th-century built city for its unique villas and famously designed architectural buildings. The famous 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio designed many of the buildings in Vicenza that are still standing today. Palladio’s one-of-a-kind designs made the town of Vicenza famous. The buildings in the city reflect his unique architectural styles that still fascinate Vicenza residents and tourists.

The City of Gold

Along with its gorgeous architecture, we also know Vicenza for its invaluable resources, like gold and beautiful scenery. The name of the city refers to a “city known for its architecture.” This Italian city has also been deemed as the city of gold based on its large supply of the world’s most precious metals.

Location and Tourism

The city of Vicenza is a short 45-minute drive from the canal-based Italian city of Venice. Vicenza borders the Bacchiglione River and the Retrone Rivers on the eastern side of the city.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions, art galleries, and landscaped villas are easily accessible from the center of town. The city is well-known for its walkability and variety of local attractions accessible from the center of town Daytrippers. Tourists can access the city attractions, lodging, and restaurants on foot or by bus.