Today’s animal of the day is the dog breed Borador. This breed has been around for most of the 20th century and continues to be one of the more popular Labrador mixes.

  • Boradors are a crossbreed between a Labrador and a collie.
  • These dogs are part of the terrier family and have naturally pointed ears.
  • Boradors are very energetic and make great family dogs because they love to run and play. But be careful around toddlers because Boradors may get the urge to herd or play a little too hard. 
  • Beware! These dogs love chewing things. To save your shoes, make sure to have plenty of chew toys on hand.
  • Inquisitive and smart, you know when they hear you because they cock their head to the side slightly to hear you better.
  • Boradors need walk training so they can enjoy peaceful walks instead of chasing after everything on the spur of the moment. The collie-labrador mixed breed is stubborn and smart, but they can be trained. Boradors don’t shed much and are overall low maintenance.
  • Be advised. Like Labradors, Boradors love the water. So make sure your car and pet areas don’t get muddy and wet. The only common health problem is hip dysplasia which shows up in later years. Boradors are loyal, loving, and fun dogs, perfect for a growing family that is active.