Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. This town is the most densely populated in the country. Many call Helsinki “the white city of the north” due to its many buildings constructed by locally sourced white granite.

Finland is one of the coldest countries in Europe, which makes Helsinki one of the coldest cities on Earth. It’s not uncommon for average temperatures to get to 0 degrees or lower. Every year the sun disappears for about six weeks.

Here are some more fun facts about Helsinki:

  • Helsinki hosted the Summer Olympics in 1952. The Olympic stadium built today serves as grounds for concerts and sporting events at the national and international level.
  • Some of the best water in the world comes from Helsinki. Their water is of such high quality that they export it to various countries.
  • Because of the severe cold in the winter months, the government of Helsinki heats granite slabs from underground to keep streets and sidewalks free of snow.
  • Finnish people make up some of the most educated citizens in Europe. Helsinki boasts of multiple universities, as well as science and technology institutions.
  • Helsinki received an award in 2012 from the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, recognizing them as the Design Capital of Europe.
  • The streets of Helsinki are easy to navigate, making them pedestrian and tourist-friendly.
  • It rains for about 120 days of the year in Helsinki, so be sure to carry an umbrella.
  • Helsinki has hundreds of bridges, which connect the numerous islands surrounding Finland.