Brogue /Brōg/ noun 

Definition: A brogue is a type of low shoe that is made of leather and has small perforations as well as a winged tip included in the design.

Etymology: The word brogue is said to be derived from the Irish word brog. Brog can be translated as an ancient Norse term that means “leg covering.” 

However, many people commonly know of the word “brogue,” which refers to an “Irish Accent.” Brogue as the accent can be defined through the Irish word barrog, which directly translates to “accent” or “speech impediment.”

In a Sentence

My father just bought a new pair of brogues because his old ones looked rather scuffed and ragged.

He decided to wear his favorite pair of brogues to the dinner party last night.

He only wore brogues that were brown in color so that they would match his little pointy hat.


Corduroy, Brogan, Clodhopper, Work Shoe


The basic antonym for Brogue is barefoot.