Apple Head Chihuahuas get their names from the shape of their heads. According to the American Kennel Club, Chihuahuas that comply with their standards have well-rounded “apple dome” skulls.


In addition to their apple-shaped heads, Apple Head Chihuahuas have the following characteristics:

  • Large, pronounced eyes
  • A moderately short, pointed snout that connects to the head at a nearly 90-degree angle
  • Large, erect ears
  • Average weight of less than six pounds

These Chihuahuas often have moleras, a small opening in a puppy’s skull, similar to a human baby’s soft spot (fontanel). Whereas most dogs’ moleras close as they grow up, a Chihuahua’s might never fully close. This is not considered to be abnormal.

Temperament and Care

The Apple Head Chihuahua is a very alert little dog and generally has a gentle nature. It is not known as an aggressive breed, but it can be rather bossy and snap when annoyed. It is quite a delicate, fragile creature that can easily get hurt by overhandling and may therefore not be the ideal dog for a family with young children. But for the careful dog owner, it could be a lovable, charming companion.

Health Considerations

Apple Head Chihuahuas are more prone to certain health problems than other Chihuahuas. They are at a greater risk for developing respiratory issues due to the sharp angle at which their snouts are joined to their heads, and they are more likely to develop dental problems and eye problems. Good eye hygiene is very important, as eye infections are quite common.