Uppsala is a town near Stockholm, Sweden, and it’s a great place to live permanently or for the summer. It’s also a great place to visit for a couple of weeks to do some sightseeing in a new country. If you have never been to Uppsala before, a couple of reasons why many people stay there is because of their amazing university and for relaxation purposes.

Uppsala University

Uppsala is known as a student town because students come from all over the world to go to school here.

  • They offer the best education at Uppsala University and will train you to get started in the career of your dreams. Saying you went to Uppsala University in Sweden at a job interview and putting it on your resume will get you in the door to a lot more opportunities.
  • Uppsala University is also a place where people go for research projects. You have to apply for research projects. Search for the project you want, and then see if it’s available. All of their research projects have complete funding by their Research Council.
  • Business owners come to Uppsala University to collaborate with their researchers on expansions they’re working on. They can check out when the researchers are having meetings so they can meet with them to discuss their project.
  • Employers can also collaborate with the students on campus. They have the opportunity to meet with them and potentially hire them to work for their company.


People also come to Upsala, Sweden to get away from everything and just relax, even if that means walking around different locations.

  • Botanical Gardens: People come here to learn about different plants. You can also attend one of the popular events hosted here, especially during the holidays. 
  • Linnaeus Gardens: These gardens are very peaceful, and you can stop and grab a bite to eat once you’re done walking. This place also holds events such as tours in the late spring to early summer months.