Brighton is a resort-style town in England. More precisely, Brighton is a beach resort. However, it is not called Brighton Beach (that is a neighborhood in the Bronx, NYC).

Brighton is part of a larger English district called Brighton and Hove, the primary municipal formation in the region and part of East Sussex.

A Long Regional History

The Brighton area along England’s southern coast has a long and storied history. Archaeological evidence dates the human occupation of the region to between 3500 and 2700 BCE. Like most archaeological sites where people continually live, there is still much to uncover and explore. As such, these dates may change in the future.

What to do in Modern Brighton?

  • But of course, there is a beach at Brighton that locals call Brighton Beach. Indeed, this beach has tiny pebbles in place of sand. Ever felt tiny pebbles between your toes?
  • Go on the undercliff walk along the coast’s famous white cliffs. These aren’t as impressive as Dover, but they are impressive, nonetheless. Better still, take a drive from Brighton to Dover.
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  • Ride the vintage electric coast-way train
  • The Famous Brighton Palace Pier is famous because of its location and status. There were also two previous piers at the same location, making it a priority for English tourism.

If you visit England or Wales, consider planning a trip to Brighton. Feeling the pebbles between your toes and other things you can do in Brighton makes it an ideal national and international vacation spot.