The scenic city of San Marino continues to thrive on tourism. Boasting its beautiful cultures, incredible outdoor dining and shopping, it is sure a spot to stop on an adventurous journey. In fact, many have termed San Marino as the most likable city.  San Marino’s rich sceneries provide adventures, both indoor and outdoor. 

Book a visit at Basilica di San Marino

Declared as a class A heritage site, Christ’s beloved Basilica at San Marino is intricately designed with ceiling beams of fir and dazzling glass windows. You haven’t a reason to skip a visit.

Catch a glimpse of San Marino; The Tree Towers

If you love driving in an unmatched and intriguing clear climate, the Tree Tops is the place to visit. It’s located on the three peaks of Monte Titano, and is no doubt a spot of the day. Add up to your memory list with a 360-degree view for a zero penny today. The must-do outdoor activity goes down amidst a gallery panorama of downtown San Marino.

Sit down at Liberty Square

This transformed wonderland at San Marino, embezzling all from young to adult, is a must-go spot to spice up your visit to the scenic city. For the opportunity to watch the setting sun across the city walls, your eyes will love it.

Discover ancient cultures and art; State museum of san Marino

In itself, the building remembers the fore heritages of its ancient nations. With lots of philosophies enveloped in one building, an affirmative gathering of all pre and contemporary cultures is the main reason to stop over during your visit. Take a pic to file a memory here.