Panacea /panəˈsiːə/ noun 

Definition: Panacea means a solution for every problem, difficulty or disease; a panacea is a catch-all remedy.

Panacea can be used in many scenarios, such as when talking about situations or current affairs, medical matters, politics and beliefs.

Etymology: Etymologically, the word panacea has Greek roots. It was created by combining the words pan and akos with pan, meaning “all remedy.” The resulting word, panakes, changed over time into panakeia, later becoming panacea in Latin.

The first recorded use of the word in English dates back to 1548.

Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, had a daughter called Panacea. Panacea was believed to be the goddess of healing. According to mythology, Panacea had a magic potion that could cure any human sickness.

In a Sentence

Many devout people view religion as a panacea for all life’s troubles. 

Painkillers can ease many symptoms but are not a panacea for every health issue.


Cure-all, Nostrum


Damage, Harm