Lichfield is a vibrant city found in the heart of Staffordshire and 26km north of Birmingham. It is a historic city and district where the past effortlessly sits alongside the modern-day life of its inhabitants. Lichfield is the perfect place to go for a vacation or holiday. Rich with history, its streets are lined with museums, gift shops, luxury accommodation, and exotic restaurants all at your disposal once you are within.

In addition to Lichfield’s wealth of history evident today through the spires of the cathedral, the city also has beautiful winding streets and many contemporary attractions that will make an appealing day out for all ages. However, make Lichfield Cathedral your first spot of the day.

Lichfield Cathedral

The three-spired Cathedral is Lichfield’s most famous landmark as it is the only medieval cathedral in the UK. Furthermore, history enthusiasts will enjoy feasting their eyes on 1300 years of historical information and artifacts. Once you arrive at the cathedral, do not miss a chance to take a closer look at the famous Herkenrode stained glass, the archaic wall painting and the Lichfield Angel. The best part of visiting Lichfield Cathedral is that entry is free. However, you can support by giving any amount of donation.

Fun Facts About the Lichfield Cathedral

  • It was built over St Chad’s shrine – Chad was a 7th-century bishop of Mercia who was responsible for converting much of Mercia to Christianity.
  • It was used as barracks for civil war soldiers and as a stable for their horses.
  • It was built of sandstone.
  • It is one of the most peaceful cathedral settings in Britain- this is because it is surrounded by scenic, historical buildings far from the hustle and bustle of the town.
  • It has three towers known as the Ladies of the Vale.

It’s Time To Travel!

Lichfield Cathedral should be your first spot to explore when you visit Lichfield for the holidays. It is a gem that provides ancient architecture and buildings bursting with historical goodness. Moreover, you can spend an entire day there because food is available at the cafes, and you can carry away souvenirs from the gift shops.