Roanoke can refer to numerous locations throughout the United States. However, the single most prominent of these would be the city of Roanoke in the state of Virginia, which is the biggest of the municipalities that bear the name.

What Are Some Interesting Facts about Roanoke?

Here are some facts of potential interest:

  • This Roanoke is an independent city. This means that it isn’t a part of a county. Furthermore, while an independent city has similar powers to a consolidated city-county, it is differentiated by the fact that there isn’t a county with even nominal existence. There are independent cities in other U.S. states. However, the overwhelming majority of them are situated in the state of Virginia.
  • Technically, the city is named for indigenous people. In short, the Roanoke were an Algonquian-speaking people who lived in what is now North Carolina’s Dare County plus a part of the mainland. They lent their name to Roanoke Island and thus the Roanoke Colony. In turn, these inspired numerous other locations throughout the country.
  • Roanoke isn’t a particularly populous city. As of the 2020 census, its population just cleared the 100,000 mark at 100,011 residents. Even if one includes the entire Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area, that is a total of 315,251 people. Despite this, Roanoke is the biggest city in the state that can be found west of Richmond, with the result that it is both a cultural and a commercial hub for much of Southwest Virginia and even parts of Southern West Virginia.