What Is Lienz?

Lienz is a town that can be found in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It isn’t particularly populous. However, Lienz is nonetheless notable for being the administrative center of the Lienz district, which encompasses the whole of East Tyrol.

What Are Some Interesting Facts about Lienz?

Here are some interesting facts about the city of Lienz. 

1. It Sits On a Confluence

Lienz sits on a confluence of two rivers called the Isel and the Drava. This is no coincidence because rivers provided people with food, potable water, and transportation routes in pre-modern times. As such, Lienz’s location contributed a fair amount to its local prominence.

2. It Has Been Inhabited Since the Bronze Age

Human settlement in Lienz and its surroundings isn’t a new thing. After all, humans have been living in the region since approximately 2000 BC, which would have been the Bronze Age in that part of the world. Bronze Age cultures are classified as Bronze Age cultures based on their access to bronze, whether by trading for bronze or making bronze by alloying copper with either tin, arsenic, or some other suitable metal.

3. It’s Situated in an Exclave

As mentioned earlier, Lienz is the administrative center of East Tyrol, which is an exclave of the Austrian state of Tyrol. This means that it is separated from North Tyrol by both the Austrian state of Salzburg and the Italian province of South Tyrol. The current situation happened because of the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the First World War, with the result that the Kingdom of Italy was able to claim the parts of Tyrol south of the Brenner Pass from the rump state of German Austria.