In as much as the Border Terrier is considered a small dog, he does pack a punch. They are not just low-maintenance companions who love humans; they are also highly intelligent dogs who make great hunting partners since they enjoy the outdoors. And yet, Border Terriers can also adapt well to apartment life. Some may consider their energy levels a bit too high or aggravating, but most people adapt to them by giving them the much-needed exercise and play they need.

So, what makes the Border Terrier the best dog for you and your family?

  • They are highly alert and strong.
  • They are considered low maintenance and do not need much grooming.
  • They are easy to train.
  • Border Terriers make great companions and get along with other dogs and cats, depending on how well they have been trained. 
  • Unlike other Terriers, they are quite laid back. They may seem troublesome at first, but as long as they are trained and led, they truly are manageable and accommodating pets. 

They are small dogs with big dog personalities, which could make you dismiss them. However, much of your dog’s personality will depend on how you train them. Your Border Terrier might need some attention, but as long you make time for them, they make a perfect fit for you and your family.