Sorrento is a city in Southern Italy in the Sorrentine Peninsula, overlooking the Bay of Naples. The city’s proximity to the coast and the warm climate makes Sorrento an ideal tourist destination. Sorrento’s location on the southwestern coast of Italy also gives the city a Mediterranean feel.

Sorrento’s Origins

Like much of the region, the Sorrentine Peninsula has an extensive history of human settlement stretching back thousands of years. From the Romans, and then Greeks before them, and even a civilization before the Greeks, the history of the region is extensive.

Over the centuries, the Sorrentine Peninsula was controlled by various conquerors, despots, and rulers, all of which left an indelible mark on Sorrento.

One of Sorrento’s most popular distinctions is its proximity to Mount Vesuvius. This is the same Mount Vesuvius that is the only active volcano on the European continent. Sorrento, and indeed all of Italy, is easily accessible by train. Hence, Sorrento and its neighbor Pompei are easily accessible by tourists.

Modern Sorrento

A visit to southern Italy would not be complete without visiting Pompei and Mount Vesuvius. However, there are other things to do. For example, ferries go all over. Many of the local islands have ancient ruins that might be worth exploring.

The city center is a maze of narrow alleys and streets. The Chiesa di San Francesco is a 14th-century church worth checking out for its peaceful atmosphere. Amalfi Drive is a precarious drive to Amalfi along the high cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea.