If you are looking into getting a pet for your household, an American Water Spaniel would be an excellent choice. If you don’t know anything about it, then now is a perfect time to become more familiar with this particular type of animal. Once you have learned a little more about these animals, then you can make the decision on if it’s right for your family.

What They Like to Do and Eat

The American Water Spaniel is a type of dog, and there are certain things they love to do and eat.

  • Bananas: It may seem odd, but bananas are the perfect go-to treat for this kind of dog. You probably shouldn’t feed them too many bananas because all American water spaniels are different.
  • Swim: Most dogs hate the water, but these types of dogs are very good swimmers and will happily rescue you if you need help.
  • Hunting: They love to hunt with their owners. They have amazing scents and can pick up on almost anything once they are trained to do so. They are very good at being able to tell where birds are.

Not only are American Water Spaniels good hunting and swimming dogs, but they are also pretty stubborn as well, and they love the outdoors. They are known as very energetic dogs. They can live anywhere from 13-15 years and usually stay pretty small. Their average height is between 15 and 18 inches. They adore people and are very friendly towards anyone. This would be the perfect dog for your family.