Take a journey to the western coast of South America, and you will find some of the most beautiful fish in the world. Living in the coastal waters of the Amazon Rizer, one particular species that dazzles onlookers with its polychromatic display is the X-Ray Tetra.

The X-Ray Tetra’s distinctive clear-coated fins are colored with black, yellow, and white stripes. This translucent outer layer creates a shimmery appearance. Their spawn size averages around 350 fries, and their lifespan can last up to five years. The population numbers of this relatively long-lived species have been negatively affected by water pollution.

A highly adaptable species of Tetra, the X-Ray Tetra thrives in both freshwater and brackish water environments. In another remarkable feat of versatility, X-Ray Tetra that are released into the wild after living in a tank develop the ability to flee from predators.

Types of X-Ray Tetra Predators:

  • Larger fish
  • Frogs
  • Snakes
  • Birds

The ability to live in multiple environments creates a downside in the wide variety of predators that hunt the smaller fish. Of course, there’s always a bigger fish, but by frequenting near-surface brackish waters, the X-Ray Tetra comes in close contact with a wide variety of frogs, snakes, and birds looking for a nice snack.