The Sumatran elephant is a special kind of elephant and one that you can’t find at the zoo. They live in the wild in Borneo and Sumatra, which is located in Asia. They are also an endangered species, which means they are on the verge of becoming extinct.

What They Eat

  • Lots of different kinds of plants
  • Deposit seeds
  • Water

What They Like to Do

  • They eat.
  • They also help small animals make their way through the forest by tearing down trees.
  • They also like going in the water.
  • Sumatran Elephants communicate by lifting their trunks. That’s how they say hi.

Sumatran elephants are very wise beyond their years, and they live up to 86 years if they are confined to living in the forest. The Sumatran elephants are very large animals, and they weigh no more than 8,800 pounds. As of 2007, there are around 2,800 of these elephants. Unfortunately, since they are critically endangered, there will be fewer and fewer as the days and years pass.