Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, and there’s a good reason for that. Descended from wolves, dogs partnered up with humans to work together and help each other survive. Since then, hundreds of breeds have emerged, each with its own set of characteristics and quirks. And from there, each dog has a unique personality.

Doggie Traits

Depending on the breed, dogs can weigh anywhere from four to 250 lbs., have ears that flop down or stand up straight, be black, brown, white, beige, red or yellow, have long or short, straight or curly hair, spots, stripes, or wrinkled faces. In other words, dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Canine Abilities

Dogs have some pretty amazing abilities. Some cool traits are listed below.

  • They can see ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • Many can hear noises from a quarter-mile away or even farther.
  • Their sense of smell is between 1,000 and 10,000 times better than humans.
  • They are excellent at seeing moving objects.

Dog Careers

That’s right; dogs can work too! There are many types of jobs for dogs, and they are happy to help.

  • Lifeguard
  • Ball retriever for tennis matches
  • Diabetes alert dog
  • Truffle forager
  • Police dog
  • Search and rescue

The bond between a human and their furry companion is often unbreakable. We provide each other with the affection, protection, fun and unconditional love that make life so much more fulfilling and enjoyable.