The common raven is an intelligent bird, not to be confused with crows even though they are completely black. Even its eyes are black. As the name suggests, these birds are common, and it’s not unusual to see them flying around North America.

Physical Appearances

  • They are huge, the same size as a hawk.
  • Their feathers look glossy.
  • They have a wedge-shaped tail.
  • Their call sounds like a deep croak, but they also make a lot of other strange noises.


  • They live in forests, both deciduous and evergreen.
  • The common raven lives in the high desert as well as on the sea coast.
  • These birds live around people, both in rural areas and in cities.
  • They live in and can survive all seasons.
  • The common raven sometimes uses the same site for its nest every year.


  • They are scavengers and predators.
  • The common raven is an omnivore, but it mostly eats animals.
  • These birds eat a lot of insects, including beetles and grasshoppers.
  • They eat mice and other rodents and dead animals (carrion).
  • Ravens also eat berries and grains.

Fun Facts

  • They can mimic other birds as well as human voices.
  • These birds can do acrobatics in the air.
  • They can live up to 40 years in captivity.
  • The common raven can break twigs to use to play with other ravens.