A Boxerdoodle sometimes referred to as a boxerpoo, is a rare mixed breed of a boxer and a poodle. Boxerdoodles range in size depending on the poodle used in the breeding process. The characteristics of a boxerdoodle include:

  • Most are medium to large dogs
  • Weight ranges from 40 to 80 pounds (18-36 kilograms) for most boxerdoodles
  • They can reach up to two feet tall at their shoulders (57 centimeters)
  • Fur on a boxerdoodle is usually wavy or curly, but it could be smooth like a typical boxer.
  • Boxerdoodles range in coat color, including brown, brindle, white, black, red or fawn-colored.
  • The dog’s muzzle could be anywhere from the long snout of a poodle or the shorter, stout one of a boxer.
  • Boxerdoodles often have the same length tail as poodles.
  • They may have the protruding eyes common among boxers.
  • They may or may not be hypoallergenic like their poodle cousins, but those with curly or wavy hair may be better options for those with allergies.
  • Boxerdoodles are very friendly dogs.
  • They are intelligent dogs.
  • Boxerdoodles tend to be generally healthy; however, they can be susceptible to the same genetic diseases of each breed. Routine vet care is vital to a healthy dog.

Boxerdoodles are friendly, loveable, intelligent dogs that bring the best of poodle and boxer together in a great pet to add to any family.