With luscious locks and a friendly personality, Biewer Terriers have been a favorite of toy breeders since they were first bred in Germany in 1984. Their unique coat color and affectionate nature make them attractive choices for seasoned show dog handlers and families alike.


  • Biewer Terriers are small and have a long, tri-color coat that comes from breeding two Yorkshire Terriers with recessive Piebald genes. They require daily brushing to avoid unwanted mats unless groomed into a short style.
  • Always eager to play, Biewer Terriers require an active lifestyle. Their small stature doesn’t take away from the fact that they are athletes who can rival any cat in hunting pests.


  • The Biewer Terrier’s gentle personality makes the breed an excellent choice for families with children or other pets. They even make a great companion for cats!
  • Biewer Terriers are intelligent and easy to train in basic obedience up to advanced tasks. They love to please their owners.


  • While generally a breed with few health concerns, Biewer Terriers are sometimes prone to patella subluxation and heart problems. Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help prevent these ailments.
  • Some Biewer Terriers are prone to digestive upset and skin sensitivities. The American Kennel Club recommends limiting wet food because it increases the formation of harmful plaque.