Karlsruhe is located in Southern Germany, on the banks of the historic Rhine River. The city was founded in 1715 when Margrave Charles III William of Baden-Durlach following a dispute with residents of the previous state capital, Durlach.

Fun Facts

  • Referred to locally as the Fan City (Fächerstadt) due to its design of the Palace Tower in the center of town and 32 streets coming out from it, like the ribs of a folding fan.
  • Geographically, it is located at 49° North, placing it on the same latitude as Paris, France, and the Canada-United States border.
  • The first-ever international professional convention of chemists, the Karlsruhe Congress, was held here in 1860.
  • Much of the central area of the city was destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II and was rebuilt after the war.
  • Major tourist attractions include The Stadtgarten, a recreational area and zoo, rebuilt in 1967, The Durlacher Turmberg, a castle lookout tower and keep dating back to the 13th century, and The Marktplatz, which features a stone pyramid that marks the grave of the city’s founder.
  • Karlsruhe is also a major cultural center for the region, with numerous art galleries and theaters, including the State Museum Of Natural History Karlsruhe and Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe – a home to Opera and live theater.
  • Karlsruhe is a major technology hub, known at one time as the internet capital of Germany. In 1996 The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology developed the first website that allowed researchers to search library catalogs worldwide.
  • Karl Drais, inventor of the bicycle, and Karl Benz, inventor of the automobile, were born in Karlsruhe.