Definition: The meaning of accolade is strong praise or admiration.

Etymology: In the 14th century, the word accolade was spelled accoll by the English. The Old French spelled it acolee. In Italian, it was spelled accoliata.

The meaning of the word accolade shifted from a kiss or embrace to the meaning of an embrace around the neck, referring to the ceremony of a man receiving the honor of knighthood. Later the definition changed to the current one of strong praise or admiration.

The most important date and change for the word accolade occurred in the year 1851 when the spelling was changed by the French to accolade, and the English followed the example of the French and changed the spelling as well. The spelling has been the same to this day.

In a Sentence

An accolade is the biggest compliment in school.

Receiving a Nobel Prize is a great accolade for anyone.