San Juan is one of the most exciting places in the world. If you plan to travel the world, it would be great to include San Juan in the list of palaces you visit.

Brief History about San Juan

The city, also known as the walled city owing to existing architecture, is under US jurisdiction. Currently, the city is most popular because it has the biggest harbor on the Caribbean coastline.

It’s a historically rich city. History says that it was the starting point for Spanish Expeditions in the 16th century.

San Juan consists of three districts that make up San Juan, namely, Old San Juan, the Beach, and The Resort area. The rest of the communities sear

  • Rio Piedras
  • Hato Rey
  • Puerto de Tierra
  • Santurce

Things to do while in San Juan

Old San Juan is a rich historical site that you must tour while there. There are landmarks like San Juan National Historic Site. You can also explore another area Like El Moro, for a chance to learn more about the history of San Juan.

If you are looking for less educational but more fun things to do, try taking a walk down La Calle Fortaleza. This area has shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect location to go when you want to take photos to document your trip.

You can never lack an activity to take part in, even when on a budget. San Juan is a town with many exciting and informative sceneries that you should enjoy discovering.