Shepadoodles are one of the best pets that a dog lover could get these days. They are adorable, average-sized dogs with beautiful curly fur that resembles a soft German Shepherd or poodle. If you are interested in adopting one, here are a few fun facts about shepadoodles. 

Fun Facts

  • The Shepadoodle is a hybrid dog. It has been bred by merging the German Shepherd and Poodle breeds.
  • The Shepadoodle, like its mum and dad, can be a lively and spirited outdoorsy dog. Shepadoodle puppies can still be kept inside a house, but for the elderly and larger dogs of this breed, you cannot have one in a flat or small home. These dogs tend to scurry when they are playing, and to keep them inside a small flat means calamity.
  • Most dogs shed their fur, but Sheepadoodles are known to shed less in comparison to other dogs. This is because the Poodles tend to shed less fur in general. Other Shepadoodle hybrids have a curlier coat of hair and virtually do not shed fur at all.
  • The Shepadoodles are silent type and will only bark if they must be heard. But do not ever get fooled by such a nature; they can become aggressive when they are under threat, and they can bark very loudly.