What is commonly known as a Fox Terrier is a mix between two breeds of Fox Terrier dogs, Smooth and Wire. John Caius described the Fox Terrier in his 1577 work, English Dogges. Hunters bred Fox Terriers to help them hunt foxes. For example, Fox Terriers could go into burrows and flush out foxes who had tried to escape.

Modern Fox Terriers no longer hunt foxes like they once did. Instead, today’s Fox Terriers come in various qualities and sizes and are mainly owner companions. In addition, Fox Terrier as a breed can be very playful and joyous and get along with kids.


  • Intelligent dog and a quick learner.
  • With proper socialization and training, Fox Terriers can be mellow and easygoing.
  • There is no need to spend hours brushing out a Fox Terrier’s coat, which equals minimal grooming.
  • The Fox Terrier’s watchful curiosity makes it a Vigilant watchdog.


  • Fox Terriers are independent and tend to want to do their own thing. Hence, without proper training, a Fox Terrier can be a handful.
  • Prone to separation anxiety and excessive barking.
  • These dogs need regular attention in the form of mental and physical influence.
  • Fox Terriers can be offensive to other dogs.

As is the case with any dog breed, understanding what you are getting into before getting the puppy ensures you choose the perfect pet.