Tarsiers are small primates found in Southeast Asia in Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Tarsiers live in forested areas that have vines they use for climbing through the forest branches.

One of the most memorable aspects of seeing a Tarsier is its appearance. They have huge eyes that can be as big as their brains. This lets them see better in the dark than most primates. In addition, tarsiers have hairless tails and big pointed ears.

Adapted for Life in the Trees

The tarsier resembles a cute toy a little one might want to cuddle to sleep. However, this nocturnal primate has fully adapted to life among the trees.

  • Tarsiers get their name from their long hind legs. These legs come from elongated foot bones called tarsus bones.
  • These nocturnal primates are built for leaping up and down tree branches.
  • They also have elongated fingers, and two toes on each foot have claws instead of nails. The claws let them grip tree bark as they move up and down through the forest canopy.

Tarsiers are carnivorous only, meaning they eat live insects and other small prey like bats and snakes. They use their leaping skills to stalk and then leap on their prey.