Today’s song of the day is “Little Darlin’,” by The Diamonds, a single released in February of 1957. There are a few versions of this song, but The Diamonds played it the best, making it a better soul-lifting song compared to others.

Fun Facts

  • The song was written by Maurice Williams and first recorded by Excello Records. The song quickly became classified as a rhythm and blues song by the Gladiolas.
  • The Gladiolas and lead singer William from South Carolina created a new version of the song, which soon ranked at number 11 on the R&B charts.
  • The Diamonds soon created a new cover version of Little Darlin’ which soon topped sales charts. The song remained the first runner-up in sales for eight weeks in a row.
  • The new cover version was ranked number three on the billboards. Many experts found it odd that the cover version was better than the original version of the song.
  • Experts argue that the new version by The Diamonds has remained the most recognized because the version is more fierce and better in terms of melody and tune.
  • The Diamonds’ version of the Little Darlin’ remains an all-time ageless rock ‘n roll rhythm and blues classic.
  • The Diamonds were originally a Canadian pop music group that evolved with the demands of the art world into a doo-wop group. Their experience in multiple facets of the music industry might be why their version of this single is considered superior by most critics.



Ah, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya

Little darling oh little darling

O-oh where a-are you?

My lover I was wronger

To try to love two

Ahh uha uha uha uha

Knowing well that my lover

Was just for you uh only you

My darling I need you

To call my own

And never do wrong

To hold in mine

Your little hand

I’ll know too soon

That I’ll so pray

Please hold my hand

My dear I was wronger

To try to love two

Ahh uha uha uha uha

Knowing well that my lover

Was just for you

Uh only you