The bumblebees are large-sized insects from the family Apidae. You can find them in the eastern region of North America.

Many people know a lot about them because they are popular among gardeners and nature lovers.

What They Eat

Bumblebees are social insects that collect pollen from plants to make honey. These bees spend most of their time flying around in search of food, and by doing so, they help pollinate the foliage. In fact, bees play an irreplaceable role in the ecosystem that benefits just about every living creature. 

How They Fly

Bumblebees fly with the help of an instinct called “honeybee brain.” It has often been wondered how an insect with such a big body can fly with such small wings. But recent studies indicate that the bumblebee flies by flapping its wings back and forth rather than up and down.

In addition, their wings move at 130 flaps per second.