The word minimalist applies to different scenarios. In the arts, it defines a person who practices minimalism in music or art. In politics, it refers to a person who advocates moderate or minor reforms in politics.

A politician may favor a moderate or conservative approach to their political goals. The word minimalist can also apply to one who has minor expectations for the success of an event.

Minimalist as a noun refers to a low-key approach to a goal, politically or creatively. It also means to practice minimalism in art or music.

As an adjective, it means relating to the character of minimalism. An example might be a tax reform program that is minimalist in nature or a person who puts in no more effort than what is essential or required. No going “above and beyond.”

Etymology: The origin of the word minimalist is Russian. It was used to refer to the Russian Mensheviks. Usage of the word in music and art goes back to the 1960s.

In a Sentence

The Mayor took a minimalist approach to the city’s water problem.

Nancy and Susan live a minimalist lifestyle in their Sweedish apartment.